I was recently convicted regarding the utter rubbish I was watching on television. No one else in my family was really that interested in sitting in front of the box, but it had become a terrible habit for me. Once dinner was cooked, I would turn it on and basically tune out until bedtime! I know, disgraceful!!

Not only that, but the program options at that time of day, have been going downhill for years and are well beyond lacking in morals. I am ashamed to have been allowing these shows to penetrate the minds of my impressionable children.

Due to my television watching habit, our family was a TV dinner family…well, my children and me around the television, my husband usually sitting at the computer. I longed for us to come together.

I have a dear friend who doesn’t watch television at all and I decided to try it for myself.

Knowing full well the extent of my bad habit, I knew this was going to require drastic measures. I unplugged the cable for the aerial and stored it outside, in our garden shed. I committed to leaving it there for a week.

Instantly I began reaping rewards.

The demeanour, tone and attitudes of my children immediately improved as they were no longer witnessing cheek and disrespect in conversation, (and really, disrespectful children on television was probably one of the lesser detrimental influences on them – unhealty relationships now the norm on many programs).

Not only was my home remarkably more peaceful without the constant noice from the television, but my entire family congregated at the table for dinner. Even my husband unglued himself from the computer and joined us, without a word from me!

What a joy to have a peaceful mealtime, where conversation can flourish and thoughts can be shared. I have a new appreciation for the dinner table and have explored ways to make this time together even more memorable.

I am happy to say, my family is no longer a television watching family! The television has remained silent now for over two months and I intend to keep it that way!