About eight months ago, a dear friend lent me three of her old “Above Rubies” magazines. I must admit, that for five months, they sat untouched on a chest of drawers next to my bed. Eventually, after the birth of my third child and first darling daughter, I picked one up. My goodness, so many pearls of wisdom had been lying there for months waiting to be discovered! I was hooked! The ministry of Above Rubies is a wonderful encouragement to wives and mothers around the world, and I have since subscribed and eagerly await every new addition.


I have always wanted a large family. My husband comes from a close knit, christian family. He is one of four children with an additional three older half-siblings. I, on the other hand, am an only child. While my husband grew up knowing the Lord, I am unable to say that he is currently walking with Him. It always amazes me, however, if we trust Him, the Lord is able to use even those who are not listening!

We currently have three children, (10, 2, and 4 months) and I would love to have more….at least five….maybe seven…. My husband, however, has shown no sign of desiring a tribe of shorties following him around. The tears that it took to convince him to increase our clan to four made me think that any more would be impossible. I left the idea for baby number three in God’s hands, and stood back in amazement as He changed the heart of my husband, without a word spoken by me.

The idea of allowing God to decide the number of children we were to have, was something that, even though I may be willing to submit to, I knew that my husband would not be. Until that changed, I would submit my heart to the Lord and wait to see what He could do with my husband’s heart.

Proverbs 16:9 “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps”.

Yesterday, my husband and I were talking about building on a large acreage property. I showed him a photo of a cabin in of one of my “Above Rubies” magazines. About half an hour later, to my astonishment, he called to me from the kitchen and said, “So, do you want to do the whole ‘Above Rubies’ thing? Small house, lots of kids?” To which I replied, “Well, yes, I wouldn’t mind.” His verdict… “Well, as long as I had a big shed, I think I could handle it.”

It was lucky I was sitting down at the time!

God is amazing! When we try to do things in our own strength, we generally fail. Especially when it comes to changing others opinions or ideas. You can be assured, that if what you are desiring is in God’s will and ultimately His plan, He will see it to completion. I never thought that DH would soften to the idea of having more children, especially since we now have two gorgeous boys and the sweetest little girl. But with God, all things are possible!

I just want to encourage anyone who feels their family is not yet complete, to trust in God and allow Him to work through the obstacles.

May your quiver be full!