My family and I have just returned from a weekend in the country. We left Saturday afternoon, husband already exhausted after 10 hours driving a truck, car loaded with clothes, bedding and, as we discovered after an hour of driving, no toys for the children. The bag remained on Master Ten’s bedroom floor. I was not impressed and so explained that no child dare complain about “being bored”.

At 10.15pm, after four and a half hours of driving, we arrived at a lovely little motel. Much to my dismay, neither Master Two nor Miss Five Months were ready for sleep, as they had been resting for the majority of the trip. With eyes dragging on the floor, I settled the little ones and collapsed into bed at 12.30am!

Of course, the children were up bright and early ready to explore the block of land we had travelled so far to inspect. DH was due to meet the owner at 8:00am to explore the block on horseback, so we wanted to arrive a little early to look together before he rode off for the morning.

If there is anywhere that would be able to uproot me from the comfort of home, this was it. 1200 acres of undulating cattle country, with beautiful creeks and waterholes. Everything from open grassland to treed mountains, and it would all be ours. What a wonderful environment for children to grow up in. There is something to be said for living on the land, it really does grow life into the soul.

There is so much that would have to fall into place to make this dream a reality. My husband and I have been dreaming this dream for so long, it seems almost unattainable. If it is in God’s plan for us to work a property, then we have never been closer before. I suppose that if God can put all the pieces in place, or rather, will put all the pieces in place, then this would be our destination.

Thinking of moving and leaving the relationships I’ve established, especially in the homeschooling realm, is beyond distressing. The insights, inspiration and encouragement I gain from these wonderful women, not to mention the friendships between us and our children, would be a huge loss.

Really, the entire moving experience would be bitter sweet.

Should God decide that we are to stay planted in our little house, I will be entirely content with such decision. It takes a great deal of time to forge real relationship with people and to begin again in a new area is not something I really look forward to. I’d much rather continue to sow into the friendships which are already flowering.

I suppose that, whether our future is to be a new farming adventure, or continued cultivation of the garden in which we are planted, as long as we look to God and trust in Him, we can be sure that we are living the best dream….His.