My son (Master Ten) attended his friends ‘tenpin bowling’ birthday party on the weekend.  The friend’s mother, who is a good friend of mine, informed me, that five other boys had been invited, however, not one had telephoned to RSVP to the invite.  She assumed that no-one else would turn up, but she would have to pay for a party of eight regardless.  It so happened that two other boys did arrive…alone!  Their parents dropped them off in the car park and didn’t even come in to introduce themselves, or check that the party was in fact still on! 

If I had not advised that my son was coming – I would at least like to make sure that there was still a place for him to attend the party.  My friend had seriously considered cancelling the party after receiving only my son’s confirmation.  Had she done this, these two boys would have been sitting in the bowling alley for two hours, alone and unsupervised!! 

Given our society’s current moral state, I could imagine this happening for a teenager’s party but these 10 and 11 year olds are still “children” as far as I’m concerned, and should be under the care of an adult!!  Am I the only one who finds this astonishing??

There is NO WAY I would deliver my 10 year old child to a public venue, drop them off in the car park, to leave them to find a family that I had NEVER met, nor spoken to, and return over two hours later to collect them!

The fact that this was the arrangement made by two separate parents makes me wonder, is this the norm now?  Do people really consider this reasonable parenting?  How can you call this parenting at all?

It was a pleasure for me to remain at the party and see the children have a great time.  Due to the lack of numbers, we grown-ups became children for the afternoon and donned the attractive shoes for a bowl as well! 

As a parent, it is times like these which are the most pleasurable.  What a shame that some parents are willing to give up the joy of parenting.