About a year ago, God showed me that a deeper level of commitment is essential to live the true Christian life.  God is not to be “part” of our life, He is to BE our life.

Since embracing this wholeheartedly, I have experienced an amazing new relationship with the Lord.  I have found again my first love, and it is a new, deeper love, that will now, never fade.  A restored love, that is stronger because it has triumphed over the potential to wane with time.  I experience a joy that overflows and my spirit is seemingly always in a state of excitement!

I sense in my spirit, an urgency to call others to this intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is the christian walk, to be one with Him…all the time.  (It is a journey which, if started, one will continue to grow, and can hope they may fully reach maturity….myself, an ever-so-long way from such point).

I am encouraged greatly by reading biographies of brothers and sisters in Christ who have fully allowed God to lead their lives.  Recent reads which I highly recommend are;

“Spiritual Secret of Husdon Taylor” by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor; “The Heavenly Man” by Brother Yun; “Appointment in Jerusalem” by Derrek and Lydia Prince; “God’s Smuggler” and “The Calling” by Brother Andrew. 

These Men and Women of God devoted and continue to devote their lives to Him and live according to His Word, not the world. 

I have recently been challenged regarding “being a light to those in the world”.  My friends and family all know I am a Christian and  I am always open with new people that I meet. But that is not enough.  Here in the western world, we don’t really let our lights shine to those in the dark…those who might be looking and need help. 

In “The Calling” Brother Andrew shares of a woman, in what used to be Yugoslavia, named “Anna”.  She had two words on her house, painted in black on her whitewashed walls: MOLITVEN DOM (or House of Prayer).  I am challenged to do something similar now at my own home.  Of course there are always reasons not too…..”What if “weirdos” or dangerous people inquire and only me and the children are home?”….”We could get people calling in at midnight!”….You get the idea.  But somehow, I don’t think these things even crossed “Anna’s” mind.  She would have been faced with, “What if the government agents come in and kill and torture me and my family?” And yet, she did it anyway.

 As the day of our Lord Jesus Christ approaches…and be assured, it approaches fast…we, as Christians need to step up.  Return to our first love, yearn for Him and His return.  Seek Him every day, pray without ceasing, listen and obey His prompting, watch, and be ready for His coming.  In this, we will begin to experience the fullness of Christ.

It is my intention to place on this blog, lessons learned, or anything which may be of encouragement to my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Please share any wisdom you have….I need all the help I can get!

Merry Christmas to all.  May God bless you and fill you with His joy!