I’ve been reading quite a bit online, regarding End Times, and to see scripture being played out right before my eyes…excites me to the very core! 

While I am saddened at witnessing the depravity of my own generation, I am also full of joy at the anticipation of Our Lord’s return.

A new low occured in my neighbourhood recently and I thought I would share…

Christmas is an Australian Tradition, one that has always been associated with the birth of Christ – noted as being a religious occasion.  During the week before Christmas, at a prominent local shopping centre, Christmas Carolers were required to leave the complex after complaints that their songs were of a “religious nature”!

How ridiculous!  I must say, while I was shocked that this could happen at all, I was also not really surprised.  It won’t take long for the proclaimation of Christianity to be totally banned.  I think many will be taken by surprise at the swiftness of censorship.    

It does amaze me, however, that our stores may be filled with genuinely offensive, provocative images, depressing or suggestive music and all the new age and alternative religious material you can imagine (including psychic booths and tarot card readings), but we can’t have “tidings of comfort and joy” at Christmas! 

I emailed the centre’s management to register my disgust at their decision to appease the “offended” few, though I am prepared for this sort of thing to become more and more common in our country.  With the Australian “She’ll be right” attitude, I expect that objections to censorship decisions will eventually cease and Christians will be forced into the shaddows. 

Bring it on!  May the coming of Our Lord draw ever nearer, swiftly.