Mindlessness. That’s the product of today’s technology.  People will spend hours in front of televisions watching movies which numb their minds, or playing the latest, pointless, computer game. This accomplishes what? Not the Lord’s work, not advancing His kingdom, nor encouraging the saints, (ie justification of my time in front of the computer screen!)

I cannot pretend to desire to partake in such a gross misuse of the hours God has gifted me with.  I am all for building relationship with others and some may argue that this is “spending time” together; but to what end? How do such activities influence others for Christ? 

These things are created to distract us from the important work we should be doing and they cause us to miss the things going on around us.  While our attention is focused elsewhere, we cannot hear God’s voice or prompting.

These things may bring a temporary happiness, but it’s a poor substitute for the joy that Jesus offers to those that are willing to wait on Him.

As Christians, we should be aware of these things, which seek to divert our attention, and lead by example.  If we do not stand up and lead a life in which we put God first all the time, then how can we expect to bring others to the point where they put Him first also?