book-1“Real Christianity” originally written by William Wilberforce and now revised and updated by Bob Beltz, is a must read for anyone seeking answers regarding the state of the modern day “cultural church”.

Clearly outlining the differences between “authentic christianity” verses “cultural christianity”, Wilberforce implores readers to stay true to early church doctrines and embrace a complete gospel.

First published in 1797, and originally aimed at British society during the french revolution, it speaks directly to western society today!  In fact, what we see today is evidence of his unheeded warnings. 

“Real Christianity” is clear and concise and yet full of deep scriptural truths.  If you are looking for encouragement to stay true to your faith amidst this decaying society, or would like a short, comparative history lesson, then I strongly recommend this book.

I’m looking forward to reading other works by Wilberforce.  If anyone has any recommendations, please do share!