I began this post in September 2008 but it never reached completion.  I was fighting off the flu myself, while caring for two sick little ones and a four month old baby…

I was sitting at my kitchen table yesterday, wondering where the day had gone and looking back at what had been accomplished and what hadn’t.

I find that when something comes along and gets you down, routine can go out the window (thats if you have a reliable routine in the first place). I decided to make a list of the “important” things that are a must for every day.

How do we define what is “important”? 1 Timothy 4:7 – “…exercise yourself toward godliness”.

When we are unable to complete everything we usually do in a day due to illness etc, it is good to have a list of things that must still be done, so that those who are unhindered are able to continue with the important things.

I realised that I had allowed unimportant things to “clutter” my day. One of the biggest things that can prevent you from doing God’s work is “busyness”.
At the end of the day, if the dishes are missed and washing isn’t folded, but you’ve spent time with the Lord and in His word, you have accomplished that which is more beneficial.  Here is my list of essentials when times are tough:

1.  Morning Devotions – a must even when you are down.  Starting off with focusing on God will set the tone for the day.

2.  Essential Housework – just managing one thing will help to keep the house running and prevent an overload of chores.  Even if this one thing is making the bed only or taking out the rubbish, you will thank yourself later – just do what you can manage.

3.  Basic Schoolwork – If you have homeschooled children who are well, there should be a minimum that they can complete totally independantly.  If this is just English and Math, then so be it, but there needs to be a minimum and they need to know what is required of them beforehand.  This will keep their routine in place to a degree, even if all else goes out the window.

Forget everything else and rest.  Get into God’s Word, listen to worship music, set the tone for peace in your home.  Talk to your children about what a wonderful God we serve – even when we are not feeling well.

Ultimately, if you can simply remember that we are on this earth but for a moment, then drawing near to God at these times need be  your only priority.