I was looking for a recipe for unleavened bread, (just thought I’d give it a go) when I stumbled accross this sermonette.

It has hightlighted the wonderful symbolism between unleavened bread and the message of Jesus Christ beautifully. It even references to today’s bread production and how far from the original it is…

“The bread baking industry takes the perfect grain and grinds it to a fine powder. No problem so far. Then it takes all the valuable nutrition out, leaving only the gluten. Then it bleaches the gluten to give it a false appearance of white. Then man-made nutrients are mixed with this white powder and it becomes “enriched” white flour to which leavening is added to make a puffy white loaf of bread that is unnaturally white, of no substance and of no true nutritional value.” Hmm sound like something else we know? πŸ˜‰

If you have a few minutes, it’s really worth a look…especially to find out what happens when you add the salt!