I thought I would check in… I have been laying low the last week as after two nights without sleep due to two sick little ones, my body succumbed to the prevalent germs.  I had (and still have) a horrible cold which wore me down enough to develop that nasty infection which nursing mothers get, grrrr.  I am on antibiotics now and have been sleeping better so am on the mend. 🙂

I also had left my bible at my parent’s house (in-laws actually, but I claim them as my own) so have been feeling a little lost.  I have been reading my son’s bible, but its just not the same, know what I mean?  I have my little highlighted spots and can just find what I’m looking for in my familiar copy.  I retrieved it after my trip to the Doctor, so am happy to be united with it again. 🙂

I have also been reading a theology book – The Institutes of the Christian Religion, by John Calvin.  Its quite a lot to chew on, but I’m loving it and cannot read the 1000+ pages fast enough!  I thought I should brush up on my Calvinism 😉 so figured the best thing would be to go to the source.

I was challenged when I read this:

“For how can the idea of God enter your mind without instantly giving rise to the thought, that since you are his workmanship, you are bound, by the very law of creation, to submit to his authority? that your life is due to him? that whatever you do ought to have reference to him? If so, it undoubtably follows that your life is sadly corrupted, if it is not framed in obedience to him, since his will ought to be the law of our lives.”

and this:

“Moreover, if all are born and live for the express purpose of learning to know God, and if the knowledge of God, insofar as it fails to produce this effect, is fleeting and vain, it is clear that all those who do not direct the whole thoughts and actions of their lives to this end fail to fulfill  the law of their being.”

It is my intention that my life, and all that I put my hand to brings glory to God.  This blog is one of those things, and it is my desire, that the contents of it would glorify God and bring encouragement to others to follow him and seek him more intimately.  I feel I have been failing in this task.

A number of my posts have been critical of the church and have been focused on the inadequecies of it.  I do not deny that many churches are way off base and are following incomplete doctrines based on “another Jesus”, but this is not where I want my focus to lie.  Focusing on these things have been bringing me down somewhat, and I feel that this gives rise to things “which cause disputes rather than godly edification which is in faith.” 1 Tim 1:4. 

I acknowledge that the heresies of the church need to be discussed at times, and that in certain circumstances, God will allow opportunity for outreach to others who may be caught in deception, however, this is not where I wanted my blog to remain.  I myself, too easily, get caught up in a “self-righteous” position and begin to feed on pride.  I also get angry at the church, or rather, those in authority who are leading others down the path to destruction.  This anger is not constructive, but rather inhibits the love and mercy of God being manifested through me.  

In essence, I want to refocus on the wonder and majesty of our creator.  At a time when we see scripture unfolding in world events, we know that the time draws near that people will turn to one who is the son of perdition.  We must be willing to reach out to these people in love and share with them the complete and wonderful saving gospel of Jesus, the evidence of which is manifest in our own daily lives.   If we are not living the truth, then we have nothing to share with others.

I guess I just needed to get all that off my chest. It had been swirling around in my mind for a few days but I had not had the opportunity to put it to words until now.

I look forward to sharing all that God is revealing to me through His word, may we all be encouraged to grow to be more like Him day by day.