We are into our fourth week of the school term and I wanted to share my joy.  We have embarked on a new program this year which is proving to be a wonderful success. 

For the first time, I have registered, as so many have chosen to do this year, with the Education Department or DETA.  After spending the last three and a half years using Accellerated Christian Education (ACE) Curriculum through a DE Provider, we decided that we could not face another year of PACES. 😛  (Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for the ACE Curriculum and my DE Provider as it was an excellent introduction to homeschooling, making it very straight-forward.)

Having never used any other curriculum than ACE, all was new to me and after reading copious reviews both for and against many other curriculums, I decided to jump in and just see how we go. 

The process of registering has been rather painless, and though my application is still pending, I am prepared to make any changes necessary. I am hopeful that my choices will be approved as I am using a recognized curriculum for nearly every subject.

For my 10 year old son, who is at a grade 6 level (Australian), I am using a mix of Rod and Staff and Abeka, with a little Australian Standard Curriculum thrown in for Math and Social Studies.  We also use computer programs and the internet for LOTE, technology and music.

What a joy I experienced last week when, after a morning of English Literature & Comprehension and Maths, I heard the words, “That was fun!” Never did I expect to hear these words associated with these particular subjects.

I know it is early days yet, but the future looks bright.  Master 10 is no longer facing a daily grind of PACE after PACE, but a greater variety in text and practical opportunity.  This allows us more flexibility and time to create interesting projects and further in-depth studies and experiments. 

Overall, homeschooling has finally reached the level I had always hoped it would.  One where learning is fun and interactive.

I have written this post to encourage anyone who may be contemplating “doing their own thing” but is unsure as they have always had the covering of a DE Provider.  If your homeschooling is anything less than a joy, MAKE A CHANGE.  You just might be glad you did!