The dream of moving to a large acreage property has become a possibility again. The steps are leading us closer than ever before and my heart beats faster every day. It is difficult not to let myself go, but until the dream becomes a reality, I dare not.

I’ve decided to share the dream on my blog. Really, I need to get it out or I’ll burst!

We have found a property which can accommodate our growing family and my husband’s parents, whom since meeting I have also claimed as my own. While there will eventually be an extension to the house for the in-laws, it is quite large enough for us all in the interim.


The property is over 1000 acres and consists of grazing land for the cattle, which is still partially treed, (I hate totally cleared land!) and natural bush land, which is a haven of flora and fauna and will be fantastic for bushwalks and nature studies.


There are also the most fantastic climbing trees around the house (no, I’m not a big kid, I had to check them out for safety of course. πŸ˜‰ )


And, are you ready for it…mango trees! Lots of them! WOO HOO! I can just see us, packing up the day’s schoolwork and the picnic rug and heading out under the mango trees for the day.


Amazingly enough, we can experience all this and still be only forty minutes to this…


Yes, we can drive for a little over half an hour and walk onto the sand!

NO! You can’t have this place, I found it first!!

You can see how one could let themself go to the fantasy can’t you! While this property, and all our plans seem ideal, I am also willing to stay where I am, or move to any other place (yes, evenΒ a caravan in the slums) should God direct us there. It is important to keep ones eyes fixed on our Lord, especially at a time of opportunity, in order to be sure you remain in His will.

Satan offered Jesus the world when he was in the wilderness, and he can offer the same to us in order to quash the fulfillment of our potential in Christ. This is why, we are covering this whole venture in prayer and really, it will take God’s handiwork for all things to fall into place.

2009 so far, has been a year of answered prayer, miracle healings, and opportunity. It also seems to be a year of new beginnings. This creates a sense of expectancy and excitement. Should this dream not materialize, I shall not despair; I shall rejoice! for God’s plan will work for good to those who love Him…now who wouldn’t want that?