We have been watching a number of nature documentaries lately, mostly focusing on animals.  This has triggered a  few trains of thought.

Firstly, the whole creation verses evolution debate. (No debate in my mind…I’m sold out on creation of course. 😉 ) How evolutionists can keep a straight face when they verbalize their theories, is beyond me! So ridiculous it sounds.  I am also outraged that the wonder of God’s creation and the amazing splendor of it all, can be vandalized in such abhorrent fashion.  To quote one narrator, “these particular animals (one of the pre-historic big cats) were the leader of the food chain until the upright apes began to dominate the earth”. UPRIGHT APES! Oh please! 😯 Surely the time spoken of by Timothy is upon us:

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.” 2 Timothy 4:3-4

This particular Discovery Channel DVD also showed hairy ape looking people-type beings supposedly our ancestors!  I am disgusted that these are the “facts” offered to impressionable children!  To be educated in such a way as to propose that you are nothing more than an evolved ape, is far removed from the Truth; We are created in the image of God and through Jesus we may indeed become the temple of God!

On this note, if anyone has a recommendation of documentaries presented from a creationist viewpoint, please do comment and let me know.  I simply cannot stomach another “billion year old” fallacy presented as fact! I will  be investigating the creation science website as a friend has recommended it, but any further information or links would be appreciated (one link per comment though or you may get labelled as spam!)

This leads me into my second thought.  Watching the amazing handiwork of our great God has caused me to notice how far society has come from the resemblance of  the image of God in which we were created.  Truly the enemy has been trying to destroy that image within us, and has made substantial ground. 

I have watched a starving animal lay with her young who is dying from lack of nourishment and fatigue.  Even after death, the mother will lay with the body for over 24 hours before moving on to continue her search of food.  I have watched an animal risk it’s own life to come to the rescue of a young one, and pay the ultimate sacrifice because of it.  Dominant males are often a threat to young mammals, however, rarely will a mother turn on her offspring. 

Contrast this with the parenting styles of today, where infants are left to be “nurtured” in facilities, where ratios of staff to infants are 1 to 5.  Senator Kate Lundy (Labor senator for the ACT) noted “As was highlighted on The 7.30 Report on 6 August, 2008, an often unqualified young person who is responsible for the care of five babies cannot provide quality care for them all, yet this is legal in most states.”

If babies are being cared for in child care centres, they may be considered lucky. Perhaps they should be thankful they are not one of the 90,000 babies aborted in Australia each year, or 46 million each year worldwide. (For more staggering abortion statistics check out the NSW Right to Life website here)

Seeing the creatures God has made caring for their young in these documentaries has left me wondering what has lead mothers to turn on their children to the point of death. This is so unnatural and is totally perverting the whole western society as it embraces the practice of abortion. Even the simplest of God’s creatures have an appreciation and a respect for life. I do not wish to get into an abortion debate with anyone…I have read enough on blogs to know, that those who wish to argue, are not to be swayed, and have truly hardened their hearts. But I truly believe that the evidence against this practice is all around us, screaming out to us, showing us God’s glory in His creation, and in this, showing us the ferociousness of our own actions.

This post was not meant to turn into an abortion debate, nor, did I mean to spend so long on this issue, but rather, it is a call to mothers, and parents. To embrace their children; to return to the image in which we are created; one of love, and nurturing, training in and imparting life.

I have seen marriages and families destroyed due to the chasing of careers and finances to pay off houses, which in the end, will have no one in them. Do not sacrifice families for finances, the cost is far too high.

As christians, we must be a voice to the children who are left to be raised by, and educated in, the whims of the day. We must be ready to introduce them to their Creator, and remind them of what has been instilled within them…that they are not an upright ape, but fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.

I pray, that no opportunity is missed for a child to meet God, and further, that opportunities are created.