Reaction: physical or emotional response to a stimulus; any action resisting another; opposition to change.

Yesterday I was challenged with a number of opportunities to act in a Christ-like manner. These opportunities have caused me to realize that, as Christians, we are called to act, not react. There is a negative implication inherent in the word “reaction”. It is resisting and opposing something.

Proverbs 17:27 “He who has knowledge spares his words, and a man of understanding is of a calm spirit.”

With each and every opportunity that was presented to me yesterday, I would not describe my actions as being calm and containing few words! Certainly my eyes were firmly fixed on the things of this world, the circumstances and the flesh.

To never take ones eyes off Jesus means that we will never react to circumstances with an earthly, fleshy view. I found that when challenges came yesterday, my immediate reaction was in the flesh. My “self” immediately took charge and always resulted in a negative outburst. This, of course, didn’t once help the situation; to the contrary.

In order to act according to the will of the Father, one must be walking in the spirit; armed and ready in the spirit so that when challenges come, it is the spirit that rises up in us and takes charge.

I am greatful for my dear friend who was present at my final opportunity to display Christ-like grace and patience, (fail! 😯 ) She reminded me that when I had prepared my plans earlier (according to His will as I believed it to be), God knew that they would be somewhat crushed. It made me realize that these events in our lives can be viewed as spirit-training opportunities.

I am now aware of areas in which death of ‘self’ must further be addressed. I have been able to repent and am thankful that God continues to lead us into all truth, and that the testing of our faith produces patience.

The small, pretty much insignificant, dramas of yesterday will have helped to prepare me for the crucial moments of tomorrow. The time is coming, when only those who constantly dwell close to Jesus will be able to stand. We will be called to completely forsake the things of this world; we must be dead to all of them.

Learning to hear so that we are able obey the Word of the Lord, will require actively seeking to hear Him now. This is only achieved by being attentive to the Holy Spirit at all times. We cannot be attentive when we are distracted by the trappings of this world or the earthly circumstances presented to us, whether negative or favorable.

As I was preparing this entry, it was interesting to note that the words, react, reaction, respond and response, do not appear in scripture (KJV anyway). The bible teaches us to walk in the Spirit, and to act accordingly.

May we all learn from missed opportunities and keep our eyes firmly fixed on Him. May we seek always to hear His voice and walk every moment with Him, until the glorious Day of His appearing.