“For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.” Romans 8:19

Ripley on the Hunt

The family pet. What a blessed relationship. We see in all things, the mark of a loving creator. In this relationship, particularly, we see that we do indeed carry in us, the image of God. They stand by our side and are loyal to the end. They rejoice in our presence, showing signs of glee at our returning home, and they love nothing more than to walk and work at our side.

We lost our family dog to a snake bite yesterday. She was a significant part of our lives, but especially in the life and restoration of my husband. Ripley was a spark of life, a companion who never judged and some thing to live for; hope came in the form of a 50kg canine.

Josh & Rip

When Rip was New

When my husband first received Ripley, he spent a great deal of time with her. He enjoys hunting, and he had now met a determined girl, who loved hunting maybe even more than him! Together they would go bush, chase pigs and return sore and tired, but elated. This companionship gave my husband a little joy where he thought all joy was lost. It was not long after receiving Ripley that he called on God to pull him out of the darkness of alcoholism and back into the land of the living. Hallelujah!

I thank God for bringing Ripley into our family. Receiving her was one of the first events which led to the preservation of my husband and the ultimate restoration of my marriage. God knows just what is needed and when; we see His providence in the life of a Bull Arab fondly known as Rip.

Rip and ball

Her favourite toy - a basketball!

She was a powerful, muscle bound, beauty, who always sat with her front legs crossed, and wore too much eye make-up. Her massive head and broad smile struck fear into the heart of every visiting Jehovah’s Witness, and love into the hearts of those who knew her.

She was a friend to my husband, a playmate to my children, and a guard of our home. She brought joy, blessing and provision to our family through the birth and sale of many puppies; and has left behind her a legacy of gorgeous dogs with a heart for pig hunting.

Ripley and Corey

Great Playmates.

We are eternally grateful for the time we have shared with her and she will forever be remembered and loved. R.I.P. Ripley, and thank you Lord, for the blessing that she was.