I am thankful that God has been painting the sky again.  After a week of emotional turmoil (both highs and lows), God’s touch of splendor was a sight worth beholding.

I am comforted to know that our God is in control.  I am comforted to know that despite what we see about us – tradgedy and heartache – nothing takes God by surprise.   I wonder how people who know not The Comforter manage to go on under such circumstances.

For those of us who know the reality of eternity and the Creator of all things, our sorrow may be turned to joy, and we have a hope that does not end at death rather, it begins.

You may have heard about the recent toddler drownings in Queensland.  There have been three in the last week.  One of whom, I was personnally aquainted with.  This father and daughter had left an impression on my heart right from the first introduction.  Here was a dad, standing up in his role as father, wearing his “father’s heart” on his sleeve. 

“He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers,” Malachi 4:6a

In this day and age of separated families, many mothers are leaving their God-given role of nurturer and home-maker (Titus 2:5) and oftentimes leaving their families (this is unfathomable to me) in search of self-fulfilment and desires. I am seeing many fathers, young fathers, stand up.  We have come into contact with a number of young dads whose heart for their children is clearly evident.   They have, coincendently been the father’s of daughters and have displayed a sweetness toward them that was emphasized by their (seemingly) rough exteriors.  It was one of these fathers who pulled his little girl from their property dam last Friday.  I remain shocked and in disbelief.

While this young man knows not the Lord Jesus, he has joined us in a few of our “house church” meetings.  He was present at my parent’s property with his daughter only the day before this tradgic incident and one wonders what the Holy Spirit would have been prompting had one been listening.  (I was not present at the time, but even then, God knew what tomorrow was to bring).  It begs the question – are we walking with the Holy Spirit moment by moment – listening intently for any and every opportunity.  Did he have a word for this young man?  We shall not know. 

While this loss still lingers in my mind each day, I am able to hide under the wings of my Father, I pray that this family might also come and find The Comforter.

I am headed interstate this week for an extended “holiday” to see family.  I expect to be absent from the blog-o-sphere during this time so will have to catch up when I return.  I may be gone for as long as a month and I hope to bring encouragement and perseverance of faith to my brother’s family as he battles a serious ongoing illness.  I pray that the Word of the Lord would be brought to him, and that I maintain open ears before God. 

I would appreciate anyone who is willing, to remember both of these families in their prayers as God works and moves in their lives.  May we remain good and faithful ambassadors of our Lord Jesus Christ and hold fast to that blessed hope we have in Him.