Australia is wet! And the parts that are not wet are…on fire!

You may have heard of the terrible disaster that happened at Toowoomba, Australia which then spread to The Lockyer Valley. This floodwater then progressed onto Ipswich and hit Brisbane earlier this morning. I live in the Lockyer Valley. Gratefully, my house is not in a low-lying area, however the end of my street and beyond is now a water wasteland as Lockyer Creek became a massive river. I am sharing a few photos as this is something that I hope I may never see again.

The End of Our Road and Beyond

Houses at the lower end of our street suffered as the flood water rose.


The Torrent Rushing through a house down the road.


Neighbour directly across the road has this torrent rushing through her yard

I don’t think I would want to move into this house…


New houses were not spared


This is what Lockyer Creek became.  The first photo is from the end of our road  and the second is from the other side with our road in the distance.


Lockyer Creek now touching our street

Lockyer Creek - our street is somewhere in the distance


My littlies looking at the "creek"

No-one will be following this sign to the shops…

Neighbourhood Shops Inaccessible

After looking at our local flooding, we headed into Town (Ipswich 30 minutes away) via other local country towns.

Roads lifted resemble waves

This part of the road is now on the shoulder!

Aftermath, local destruction

This is understating it!

Speaks for itself

Someone's back yard

Alternative Transport

Alternative mooring - There is a road through that debris

Shed roof with house roof just visible behind

Through these trees, the cows have nowhere to go

Our local Woolworths Grocery Store car park became a fueling depot for rescue helicopters.

Rescue Helicopter in Woolies Car Park

Black Hawk in vacant lot next to Woolworths

We headed on into Ipswich to watch the floodwaters rise there…

Ipswich main crossroads

Ipswich icons (Ipswich Heritage Lodge) under water

Ipswich houses, there is a car totally submerged in front of this house

New school building now under water

No public transport available now.

No busess going in or out of the transit centre today!

Train tracks in ipswich

We walked the main bridge into Ipswich as the water lapped at the bottom.

And then...a rainbow over the David Trumpy Bridge

A full, double rainbow...God remembers.

Our premier has been quoted as saying “While these events may break our hearts, they will not break our will.”  I pray that as hearts are broken, wills would instead be broken and submit to God;  that His children would turn from living for themselves in a nation clearly forgetting God, and lift up their voices as they cry out to Him.

At the end of last year, I read a book called Radical, by David Pratt. One point the reader was challenged to do was to pray for the entire world in a year. He listed a website, offering information on all individual countries and readers could print out a list of countries in alphabetical order. This is what I had done, and as of New Year’s Day, I began praying for each country systematically, a different one each day. It was interesting to note, as two major cities of Queensland braced themselves for water inundation, and 75% of Australia was declared a disaster zone, that this day was the day to pray for Australia. Incredible!

Please remember this nation in your prayers, particularly that souls would be saved as God’s power is displayed here in a mighty way.