Book Reviews

The Work of His Fingers CoverEvery so often you come across a children’s book that brings that little something extra…that little something that makes you smile, that makes you want to read it again. My heart was lifted when I read “The Work of His Fingers” by Alison Brown. I purchased the book from Creation Ministries (, and was taken on wonderful journey of rhyme in praise of creation.

This book opens little hearts to the wonder and precision of God’s amazing design in all things, while at the same time refutes the big answers evolution offers today. I will read this delightful book to myThe Work of His Fingers Page children (and any child that happens to come into my care 😉 ) over and over again. My three year old son “loves this book, thank you very much, mummy!” and my 11 year old is quick to put up his hand to read it to him, (I guess that’s a big tick from him as well).

The illustrations, also by Alison, are a pleasure to behold, bringing humor and life to the pages. I recommend this book to everyone who has the opportunity to read to littlies, as it establishes truth and addresses, oh so subtly, the alternative views being offered today.

The Work of His Fingers BackIt is not often you are surprised by a purchase that turns out to be a real gem, but today, I was. 😀


David Wilkerson is a country preacher who went to New York and introduced young gang members to Jesus.  His book “The Cross and the Switchblade” is a testimony to God’s grace and power. 

After having re-read the book a couple of months ago, I wondered what David Wilkerson was up to now.  How happy I am that I have found his blog of daily devotionals! DAVID WILKERSON TODAY contains daily morsels of goodness for your souls.  I encourage you to regularly read what he shares, and have added this blog to my blogroll.

David Wilkerson also has an urgent message to all who are equipped with eyes to see and ears to hear, regarding the lateness of the hour and events coming to pass shortly. A must read. May we all be constantly looking unto Jesus in these days to come.

book-1“Real Christianity” originally written by William Wilberforce and now revised and updated by Bob Beltz, is a must read for anyone seeking answers regarding the state of the modern day “cultural church”.

Clearly outlining the differences between “authentic christianity” verses “cultural christianity”, Wilberforce implores readers to stay true to early church doctrines and embrace a complete gospel.

First published in 1797, and originally aimed at British society during the french revolution, it speaks directly to western society today!  In fact, what we see today is evidence of his unheeded warnings. 

“Real Christianity” is clear and concise and yet full of deep scriptural truths.  If you are looking for encouragement to stay true to your faith amidst this decaying society, or would like a short, comparative history lesson, then I strongly recommend this book.

I’m looking forward to reading other works by Wilberforce.  If anyone has any recommendations, please do share!