It has been a while since I posted, and while God is laying many messages on my heart, I have not yet received the words to express them fully in this venue.  I shall simply say that a deeper revelation of the work of the cross has ensued and I feel an almost overwhelming urge to encourage all who are in Him to dwell there as long as is necessary.

Watchman Nee wrote in Volume One of “The Spiritual Man”: “If we die correctly we shall live correctly.”  When one fully comprehends the completed work of the cross and also applies the power of the cross to their life on a daily basis, the outworking of such produces a resurrection life.

He also states, “What is lacking in us is death.  Let us emphasize it before we speak of life, for there can be no resurrection without prior death.”  There is such profound truth in this statement, that it deserves mediation.

But…I was not going into all that now! 😉

As I was blog surfing this morning, I thought, “Why not do a post which would combine my two favourite blogs?” So, as my wonderful friend BB has suggested dabbling in cinquains, and my ever edifying brother in Christ over at Grace County is once again drawing our attention upwards, here I shall attempt to combine.


Forsaking all.

The Lord is that Spirit,

Imparted upon death to self.

New Life!

Well…I am not a poet, but it is the truth expressed in traditional cinquain fashion! 😛  Thanks for the suggestion to dabble BB.

I will leave you with a parting thought, pertinent in these darkening days…

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” Corrie Ten Boom.


The Work of His Fingers CoverEvery so often you come across a children’s book that brings that little something extra…that little something that makes you smile, that makes you want to read it again. My heart was lifted when I read “The Work of His Fingers” by Alison Brown. I purchased the book from Creation Ministries (, and was taken on wonderful journey of rhyme in praise of creation.

This book opens little hearts to the wonder and precision of God’s amazing design in all things, while at the same time refutes the big answers evolution offers today. I will read this delightful book to myThe Work of His Fingers Page children (and any child that happens to come into my care 😉 ) over and over again. My three year old son “loves this book, thank you very much, mummy!” and my 11 year old is quick to put up his hand to read it to him, (I guess that’s a big tick from him as well).

The illustrations, also by Alison, are a pleasure to behold, bringing humor and life to the pages. I recommend this book to everyone who has the opportunity to read to littlies, as it establishes truth and addresses, oh so subtly, the alternative views being offered today.

The Work of His Fingers BackIt is not often you are surprised by a purchase that turns out to be a real gem, but today, I was. 😀

We are into our fourth week of the school term and I wanted to share my joy.  We have embarked on a new program this year which is proving to be a wonderful success. 

For the first time, I have registered, as so many have chosen to do this year, with the Education Department or DETA.  After spending the last three and a half years using Accellerated Christian Education (ACE) Curriculum through a DE Provider, we decided that we could not face another year of PACES. 😛  (Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for the ACE Curriculum and my DE Provider as it was an excellent introduction to homeschooling, making it very straight-forward.)

Having never used any other curriculum than ACE, all was new to me and after reading copious reviews both for and against many other curriculums, I decided to jump in and just see how we go. 

The process of registering has been rather painless, and though my application is still pending, I am prepared to make any changes necessary. I am hopeful that my choices will be approved as I am using a recognized curriculum for nearly every subject.

For my 10 year old son, who is at a grade 6 level (Australian), I am using a mix of Rod and Staff and Abeka, with a little Australian Standard Curriculum thrown in for Math and Social Studies.  We also use computer programs and the internet for LOTE, technology and music.

What a joy I experienced last week when, after a morning of English Literature & Comprehension and Maths, I heard the words, “That was fun!” Never did I expect to hear these words associated with these particular subjects.

I know it is early days yet, but the future looks bright.  Master 10 is no longer facing a daily grind of PACE after PACE, but a greater variety in text and practical opportunity.  This allows us more flexibility and time to create interesting projects and further in-depth studies and experiments. 

Overall, homeschooling has finally reached the level I had always hoped it would.  One where learning is fun and interactive.

I have written this post to encourage anyone who may be contemplating “doing their own thing” but is unsure as they have always had the covering of a DE Provider.  If your homeschooling is anything less than a joy, MAKE A CHANGE.  You just might be glad you did!

I began this post in September 2008 but it never reached completion.  I was fighting off the flu myself, while caring for two sick little ones and a four month old baby…

I was sitting at my kitchen table yesterday, wondering where the day had gone and looking back at what had been accomplished and what hadn’t.

I find that when something comes along and gets you down, routine can go out the window (thats if you have a reliable routine in the first place). I decided to make a list of the “important” things that are a must for every day.

How do we define what is “important”? 1 Timothy 4:7 – “…exercise yourself toward godliness”.

When we are unable to complete everything we usually do in a day due to illness etc, it is good to have a list of things that must still be done, so that those who are unhindered are able to continue with the important things.

I realised that I had allowed unimportant things to “clutter” my day. One of the biggest things that can prevent you from doing God’s work is “busyness”.
At the end of the day, if the dishes are missed and washing isn’t folded, but you’ve spent time with the Lord and in His word, you have accomplished that which is more beneficial.  Here is my list of essentials when times are tough:

1.  Morning Devotions – a must even when you are down.  Starting off with focusing on God will set the tone for the day.

2.  Essential Housework – just managing one thing will help to keep the house running and prevent an overload of chores.  Even if this one thing is making the bed only or taking out the rubbish, you will thank yourself later – just do what you can manage.

3.  Basic Schoolwork – If you have homeschooled children who are well, there should be a minimum that they can complete totally independantly.  If this is just English and Math, then so be it, but there needs to be a minimum and they need to know what is required of them beforehand.  This will keep their routine in place to a degree, even if all else goes out the window.

Forget everything else and rest.  Get into God’s Word, listen to worship music, set the tone for peace in your home.  Talk to your children about what a wonderful God we serve – even when we are not feeling well.

Ultimately, if you can simply remember that we are on this earth but for a moment, then drawing near to God at these times need be  your only priority.

One dilapidated chook pen……

Add a man and three boys…..

No more dilapidated chook pen…..

Add some seedlings……

Fertilize, mulch, water and wait for five weeks….

And there you have it….vegies on the way!

We planted, tomatoes, snow peas, cauliflower, lettuce, capsicum, and baby spinach. We are expecting a take over of squash, zucchini and pumpkin! DH thinks he can control the vines – hehehe we shall see!!!!

We have also discovered extra tomato plants growing from seeds left by the chicken! Tomatoes, tomatoes everywhere!!! Just to be expected I suppose if you are growing a vegie garden in a place, once inhabited by a chicken!