As a christian, homeschooling family we are raising a family for God. Teaching children christlike characteristics in a world where they are difficult to spot, can be challenging – especially when the display of christlike characteristics is a challenge to oneself!

I therefore, continue the endless search for “growth into eternity” and am grateful for all the godly women in my life who encourage, support, and guide me in this wonderful journey of motherhood.

The following Five P’s are the stakes which support our vine:

Peace: Whether it is to be held, spoken to others, or declared over one’s household in faith, peace is something I am continually longing for in my home. While we have peace in our hearts toward each other, it is that “peaceful” quiet stillness that is seemingly unattainable….maybe its over-rated anyway.

Patience: As a mother my patience is tested daily. It seems the more children I have, God gives me a little more patience, just enough to keep me going. To adequately teach my children patience, however, I will need a greater portion as this area is a constant challenge.

Perseverance: God often works in ways which are not according to our plans and we cannot see the path to the end. Without perseverance, we may not finish the work which has begun.

Purity: Teaching purity of heart as well as body is essential in our modern world. Purity of thoughts, motives and conduct is vital, as well as remembering that our bodies are the temples of the holy spirit and should be treated as such.

Purpose: Fullfilling the God given purpose for which we were created is our motivation. It excites me when my children tell me their dreams of traveling the world and preaching the gospel. I can only pray that the desire remains with them through adolescense and into adulthood.

In this garden there are dry seasons of slow growth, then spring comes with refreshing rains and new shoots. Pruning is required from time to time, but Im sure, with the great gardener tending to us Himself, we will raise this crop of peas to His glory.

You are more than welcome to share the seasons with us, thanks for stopping by!


6 Responses to “Five P’s of the Five Peas!”

  1. Mrs Fivepeasinapod, I’ve tagged you! See my post here:

    for how to play! 🙂

  2. I love your 5 Peas!! And I have enjoyed visiting your site… I hope we can share our peas and pearls together, over a cup of coffee 🙂

  3. fivepeasinapod Says:

    Im looking forward to it! Feel free to come by anytime! 😀

  4. Hi there!
    I followed you over from Pearls of Truth blog..and found that you’re another Aussie! You know Pears and BB…are you a member of Aussie Homeschool? How about the AussieHomeschoolers BlogRing?

    I’ll add your blog to my feedreader as I’ve enjoyed many of your posts so far.


  5. fivepeasinapod Says:

    Hi Susan,

    I am new to Aussie Homeschool and have not explored very much but you have inspired me to check it out! 😀

    BlogRing! What’s that?

    Thanks for commenting, hope to *hear* your insights.

  6. fivepeasinapod Says:

    Well Susan,

    It didn’t take long for me to find the BlogRing after all. I’m getting better at this! 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up.


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